Lands of Siena to Monteriggioni

Type of route: asphalt, dirt
Type: Hybrid Bike, MTB
For whom: cycling tourists
Point of departure and arrival: Monteriggioni
Length: 31: 11 pm
Difference in altitude: 210
Difficulty: very low

Note: easy itinerary which runs almost entirely on asphalted road on a territory which does not provide special roughness and offers the opportunity to visit two centres of great historical interest as Monteriggioni and Colle Val d’Elsa.
Description: it starts from the main square of the beautiful medieval town of Monteriggioni and, after a sightseeing tour around the city walls, exit Porta Senese. With a short descent, you reach the s.s.2 Cassia and turn right; After about 1 km to the junction you hold the left following indicators for Volterra and Colle Val d’Elsa. You pass the crossroads of Abbadia A Isola, proceeding towards Colle Val d’Elsa situated 9 km from here: the town of Crystal is worth a visit. Then you pedal towards San Gimignano, Volterra and, at the crossroads in loc. Le Grazie, you keep the left following signs for Boscona, then towards Agrestone, street of Quercianella, to then arrive (turning right on the s.s. 541) San Marziale bridge over the River Elsa. Crossing the bridge turn left and then turn right in direction Meagre on dirt road until you reach Strofe (water fountain). You exit Strofe keeping the left following the directions for Castel Pietraia and Abbadia A Isola (2 km) where there is a beautiful pieve of 1000 to visit when open. Continue in direction to Siena until Monteriggioni thereby closing the ring.